Yo Ho, a Tourist's Life for Me
Season 2, Episode 4
Challenge(s) Ship sailing and treasure hunting
Reward(s) Team invincibility
Winner(s) The Bloody Buccaneers and the Davy Jones Dutchmen
Eliminated Cody
Episode Guide
"Interlude 1: Tour and Roomies"
"Oh Broadway, My Broadway!"

The tourists arrive in the middle of the Caribbean where they are broken up into three teams. Their challenge is to set sail on pirate ships towards a target island where they must find two buried treasure chests with invincibility on the line.



The Savage Seadogs- Andrew, Beth, Bridgette, Clark, Cody, Courtney, Dena, Duncan, DJ, Ezekiel, Eva, Emily, Felix.

The Bloody Buccaneers- Geoff, Gwen, Heather, Izzy, Jake, Jared, Jessie, Justin, Katie, Kelsey, Kiki, Laura, Leanne.

Davey Jones Dutchmen- Leshawna, Lenny, Lindsay, Marcus, Noah, Oswald, Owen, Raphael, Sadie, Sara, Talia, Trent, Tyler.


  • Linsay and Izzy claim the treasures for their teams
  • The Savage Seadogs lose
  • Cody is eliminated

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