Who Can You Trust?
Season 1, Episode 13
Challenge(s) 'trust' scenarios
Reward(s) none
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
Eliminated Jake
Episode Guide
"If You Can't Take the Heat"
"Basic Straining"
Chris exploits both teams' trust issues for laughs in the next challenge based on trust. Rock climbing, tast-testing, and three blind challenges make up the event. Duncan, in an attempt to get back in Leshawna's good graces, tries to find the voting results to find out the truth behind Sara's elimination. In doing so, he discovers a bit of information on a certain intern that he shouldn't have seen. In addition, an adult wolf is found loose on the island...



  • Laura discovers the truth behind Sara's elimination
  • Duncan finds out a bit of Michael's past
  • Jake is eliminated, though he himself planned it