Welcome to Camp Wawanakwa

Camp Wawanakwa is the setting for the duration of Total Alternate Island, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario. Located in the main camp area are two cabins, each home to the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass, which are further divided into boys and girls, a communal bathroom, an outhouse that also serves as a confessional, and the main lodge, where the campers would meet every day for their regular meals. Just west of the main camp site is the campfire pit, where elimination ceremonies are held. The only way onto the island is by boat or plane, normally coming to rest at the Dock of Shame. Other additional landmarks include the Boathouse and the Cave. Aside from the main camp, most of the island is filled with trees and mountains, one of the most famous being the large, one-thousand foot high cliff. Surrounding the island is a large lake known as Lake Wawanakwa. On the other side of the lake is Boney Island.

The woods surrounding the area is home to some wildlife, which include Fuzzy Wuzzums the Bear, Sasquatchanakwa, Wolfo, and the Wild Grey Wolf. The campgrounds themselves are less than stellar, on the brink of breaking down, thus is hated by most of the campers there. There are roaches, the cabins are unkempt, the food is nasty, and the bathrooms are so disgusting you wouldn't want to go in even with a hazmat suit on. Because of the run-down state of the camp, Chris tricked all the campers into thinking they were going to a posh 5-star resort in order for them to show up. Ironically, on a nearby island is such a resort area known as Playa des Losers, where those eliminated campers are shipped off to by the Boat of Losers and are effectively out of the contest .

In TAAT, Camp Wawanakwa has been converted to Wawanakwa Airfield, where the first and final challenges will take place.

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