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This wiki is an information database about the alterverse to Total Drama Island written by writer, Jason Kreuger Meyers. Here you will find information about the fanfic Total Alternate Island and its currently ongoing sequel, Total Alternate Action Tour .

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The most important rule is this: This is a retelling of TDI if six additional campers were introduced in the beginning.

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Total Alternate Island was written By Jason Kreuger Meyers as a sort of tribute to Kobold Necromancer's Total Drama Comeback and Battlegrounds fanfics. The timeline for this story begins after the original 22 campers have arrived on Camp Wawanakwa . It diverges from canon when Chris Mclean then mentions that 6 more campers are about to arrive to compete for the $100,000 cash prize: Jake, Andrew, Laura, Jessie, Marcus, and Sara. New challenges and those from canon are altered with the intereactions with the new contestants and other relationships born as a result. To add to the mix, Chris has also hired 4 older siblings of 4 of the campers as interns to help him set up the challenges.

And now, the story continues in its sequel, Total Alternate Action Tour . The timeline takes place one year after the conclusion of Total Alternate Island. Due to a certain clause in their contracts, they are pulled back into yet another season of Total Drama by Chris. Camp Wawanakwa is converted to an airfield where the campers now tourists will fly around the world to do challenges to compete for the prize of $10,000,000. Also joining the cast are twelve new players: Dena, Raphael, Talia, Lenny, Leanne, Clark, Emily, Felix, Kiki, Oswald, Kelsey, and Jared. What could possibly happen now?


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