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Total Alternate Action Tour


Country of Origin
Main Website
First Premiered
August 16, 2012
Created by
Jason Kreuger Myers
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The second season of this alternate telling of Total Drama Action AND Total Drama World Tour. Chris invites the 28 campers from the previous season to the now renamed Wawanakwa Airfield along with twelve more new players. Blaineley also hosts the show alongside Chris and Chef in order to keep them in line as per the board directors' orders. The new season will take the campers now tourists all over the world to compete in challenges for the grand cash prize of $10,000,000. Who has what it takes to win? And what new drama will unfold with the increased cast members?


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Episodes Edit

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  • Takes place a year after TAI ended
  • Tyler and Eva have broken up over the year break
  • Sadie, in a shocking change, has slimmed herself down



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