The Grand Climbing Race
Season 2, Episode 6
Challenge(s) Scaling up from the bottom of the Grand Canyon
Reward(s) Team invincibility
Winner(s) N/A
Eliminated N/A
Episode Guide
"Oh Broadway, My Broadway!"

The tourists reach Arizona, and the Grand Canyon. They are divided into six teams where each team must assist or climb the side of the canyon to the top. Who will rise? Who will fall? And who of those who fall will actually survive to see the next challenge?



Rad Risers: Heather, DJ, Bridgette, Marcus, Leshawna, Trent

Awesome Ascenders: Beth, Talia, Lenny, Geoff, Kelsey, Gwen

Cool Climbers: Kiki, Duncan, Owen, Andrew, Courtney, Tyler

Mammoth Mounters: Jake, Ezekiel, Laura, Eva, Sara, Katie

Exciting Escalators: Sadie, Jessie, Justin, Felix, Izzy, Raphael

Rising Rockets: Lindsay, Jared, Clark, Leanne, Oswald, Dena, Emily


  • The challenge is loosely based on the rock-climbing part of the trust challenge in the previous season.

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