The Boney Island Race
Season 1, Episode 24
Challenge(s) Canoe race to Boney Island and foot race to torch-lighting
Reward(s) 5-star buffet meal
Winner(s) Harold, Andrew, Gwen, Courtney
Eliminated Jake
Episode Guide
"Wawanakwa Trivia"
"Search and Do Not Destroy"
Another original challenge for this story. The remaining campers are sent back yet again to Boney Island for a canoe race, then a foot race up a mountain to light a torch fire, then race back to Wawanakwa. Split into three teams, the campers race with invincibility and a buffet on the line. One camper's temper goes too far.



  • Leshawna and Jake wind up tied at being voted off
  • Jake is eliminated via coin toss tie-breaker

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