The Big Sleep
Season 1, Episode 2
Challenge(s) 20K run and the Awake-a-thon
Reward(s) none
Winner(s) Killer Bass
Eliminated Justin
Episode Guide
"Not So Happy Campers"
"Xtreme Capture the Flag"

In the second challenge, Chris and the interns wake the campers up for a run around the island, then trick them with a turkey buffet. It was then revealed that it was all a set-up for the Awake-a-thon challenge. Stamina and endurance are tested as both teams struggle to stay awake without dropping. As this goes on, Izzy goes on a "mission", while Heather forms an alliance to ensure her place on the island.



  • Gwen and Trent start to connect
  • The Bass show their disapproval and disdain of Duncan's unprovoked pranking of Harold
  • Izzy makes it a personal mission to hook up Sara and Laura
  • Heather forms an alliance with Noah and Beth