The Spruce-Hawk is the jumbo plane used for travel between places in Total Alternate Action Tour. It contains the cockpit, seating rows, dining area, two restrooms which serve as the new confessionals, and ten color-coded rooms where the tourists will stay. It is also where the Drop of Shame takes place for eliminated tourists to take if they don't get a bag of peanuts.

Unlike in canon, where the jumbo plane was barely held together, this one is in prime condition to ensure the safety of the passengers. Blaineley had to force Chris to invest in it sine he would've gotten an overly cheap one that was unfit for travel and he was already in enough trouble with the board of executives.


There are ten color-coordinated rooms on the Spruce-Hawk where the contestants will bunk in, four per room, for the entire trip. They are as follows:

Blue Room
Gwen Leshawna Bridgette Dena
Red Room
Raphael Katie Lindsay Andrew
Yellow Room
Marcus Geoff Jake Felix
Green Room
Eva Cody Justin Tyler
Violet Room
Trent Emily Ezekiel Leanne
Orange Room
Heather Sara Talia Owen
Brown Room
Sadie Kiki Jared Clark
Grey Room
Izzy Laura Lenny Noah
Black Room
Courtney Kelsey Jessie DJ
White Room
Duncan Oswald Beth


  • The Spruce-Hawk is a reference to the real-life plane, the Spruce-Goose.