Scheming From the Shadows: Seed
Sub-Story, Episode 8
Takes place after I Triple Dog Dare You
Eliminated Justin, Sadie, Owen, Tyler, DJ, Marcus, Katie, Beth, Eva, Noah, Lindsay, Jessie, Cody, Duncan, Geoff, Izzy, Jake, Trent, Courtney, Sara, Heather, Bridgette, Leshawna, Andrew, Gwen, Ezekiel
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"Scheming From the Shadows: Crack"
"Scheming From the Shadows: Deals"
With the competition down to the Final Two of Harold and Laura, the season is just about over. Justin plots upon how he could use them. He sees an opportunity by finding Sara alone and casually brings up Laura's placement to her. He then subtley comments about Izzy's insanity and her influence on Laura, speaking from personal experience of her ideas of "adventuring", in turn planting a seed of doubt in Sara if Laura being friends with Izzy is physically healthy for her.