Scheming From the Shadows: Deals
Sub-Story, Episode 9
Takes place after Epilogue and Info
Eliminated Justin, Sadie, Owen, Tyler, DJ, Marcus, Katie, Beth, Eva, Noah, Lindsay, Jessie, Cody, Duncan, Geoff, Izzy, Jake, Trent, Courtney, Sara, Heather, Bridgette, Leshawna, Andrew, Gwen, Ezekiel, Laura
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"Scheming From the Shadows: Seed"
The competition now over, everyone prepares to head home, until they get called back for Total Drama Action Tour. With knowledge of the addition of twelve new contestants for the next contest, Justin plans to try and figure out as much as he can about the contestants, old and new, during the year break. He then tries to strike up deals with certain campers: one being Jessie, who flatly refuses to cooperate with him in the next contest, and Courtney, who decides to work with him all for the sake of getting revenge on the other contestants.