Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Ice blue
Episode Eliminated N/a
Place N/A
Relationship N/A
Family Father
Talent Card games, casino games

Raphael, labeled as The Silent Card Shark, is one of the twelve new additional tourists introduced in TAAT.


Raphael is not really a talker. Heck, he doesn't talk period. Born with a disease that damaged his vocal cords to the point of being unusable, Raphael has always been anti-social and never working well in groups due to his mute nature. With his father a casino owner, Raphael has quickly been brought up to enjoy card games and poker. Never needing to speak has given him a perfect poker face and given him an extraordinary amount of luck in the casino, where despite the age, always always with his father in the back room, who proudly called him his 'lucky Ace'. This has led him to always carry multiple decks of cards with him everywhere he goes, often shuffling them casually when bored. The games have made him confident, perceptive, levelheaded, but has always remained anti-social and never been able to connect well with others. However, this luck at games has made him a very small number of friends, who think his luck was 'cool'. One thing you can say about Raphael, you mess with one of his handful of friends and hewill make you regret the day you were born. Hoping to use his luck on the show, Raphael has signed up to win and his few friends hope it can break him out of his shell.


  • Is a mute
  • Can actually use cards as throwing weapons


Spruce-Hawk RoomEdit

Red Room
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