Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Sibling to Lindsay
Friends Michael, Graydon, Mara
Enemies Chris, Courtney
Talent Drill instructing, sniping, wrestling
Paula, labelled The Army Chick, is one of the four interns hired by Chris to help set up challenges and is the elder sister of Lindsay.


Having joined the Canadian military at seventeen, Paula has developed a rough and tough personality and tends to follow orders very well. She has been to Iraq and was wounded in combat while over there. She has knowledge of traps due to her drill instructors and can be quite brutal when she wants to be. Despite this, Paula has a soft spot for her baby sister though, whom she affectionately calls "sugar pop" for her bubbly and sweet personality. She has developed a lot of patience because of growing up with her sister and her ditziness.


  • Her drill instructor back then was Chef Hatchet.
  • Her rank is Lieutenant.
  • When mad, Lindsay, while giving her the "kicked puppy look", is the only one who can calm Paula down.
  • She, along with Michael, Graydon, and Mara, will be hosting the Aftermath shows in TAAT.


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