Feels as desolate as Boney Island...
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Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Episode Eliminated Phobia Factor
Relationship Izzy
Family Mother, Father, Grandfather, Johnny & Gavin (Brothers), Max (Uncle)
Friends Everyone (except enemies)
Enemies Courtney
Fear Flying, jumping off a cliff
Talent Burping the whole alphabet after one gulp of soda, Farting, Fishing, Willingness to eat almost anything, Making friends, Canasta, Dodgeball
Nicknames Big Guy; Big-O; Omar; Tubby; Farticus; Big Ox, Fart Machine, Fatty-Ginormous, Slowen, The Bear Hunter; Owen the Traitor; Sleepy McBumperhead; Private No-Can-Poop, Nicey McFair Pants, The Mighty Owen, Tiger; Brickhouse, Lunchbox, Chubby Buddy, Der Wiener Express, Big Boy; Butter Donkey; Chubby Hubby
Owen, labeled The Party Guy, is a camper on Total Drama Island and was placed on the Screaming Gophers team.


Love InterestsEdit


  • Won his towns eating contest 3 years running. Once, even went as far as eating a table in half



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