Not So Happy Campers
Season 1, Episode 1
Challenge(s) cliff diving and hot tub building
Reward(s) hot tub party
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
Eliminated Courtney
Episode Guide
"The Big Sleep"
The original twenty-two campers of Total Drama Island are joined by six additional campers: Andrew the Martial Artist, Sara the Talented Pop Singer, Jake the Childish Prankster, Jessie the Psychologist, Laura the Shy Painter, and Marcus the Inventor. Also are the interns working alongside Chris and Chef Hatchet: Michael the Lazy Jailbird (older brother of Gwen ), Paula the Army Chick (older sister of Lindsay ), Graydon the Officer (older brother of Duncan ), and Mara the Gentlewoman (older sister of Harold ). Deviating from canon with these new campers and interns, a new kind of drama will unfold as challenges, alliances, and relationships are altered.

The teens get aquainted with each other and are split into the Screaming Gophers and Killer Bass. Less than thrilled with their living accomodations, they are then thrust into their first challenge: diving off a thousand-foot cliff into shark-infested waters and surviving. Next they are to bring their supplies to camp to build a hot tub. As one team bonds rather quickly, the other already find themselves falling apart from the start. One person's bossiness and another's misguided but recovered view on the real world get them put on the chopping block.



  • Jake's fear of sharks is revealed
  • Izzy switches over to the Screaming Gophers due to her attraction to Owen
  • Cody and Tyler set their sights on Lindsay
  • Duncan flirts with Leshawna
  • Harold and Jessie begin to connect
  • Owen and Laura win the cliff jump for the Gophers
  • Jessie sets Ezekiel straight about his taught views of females before it was too late
  • Andrew gives Courtney her hated nickname of "Chicken in Training"
  • Katie develops a crush on Ezekiel
  • Courtney begins her hatred of Ezekiel and Andrew for their "slights" against her
  • Courtney is first to be eliminated

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