No Pain, No Game
Season 1, Episode 17
Challenge(s) endurance torture
Winner(s) Jake
Eliminated Lindsay
Episode Guide
"Brunch of Disgustingness"
"Interlude 2: Date Night"

With the teams officially disbanded, things get more hectic. Chris reveals that he's invited back four campers into the competition: Izzy, Sara, Jake, and (unfortunately) Courtney. To add to the surprise, the latter's father bought the rights to Total Drama and is now the new chairman of the board, which, along with several added "perks" for his daughter, practically rigs it in Courtney's favor. The challenge of the day is for the remaining campers to endure randomly selected tortures until one remains for invincibility. Can the campers survive the challege as well as Courtney's wrath?



  • Izzy, Sara, Jake, and Courtney are back in the competition
  • Carter Mann, Courtney's father, had bought the studio playing the show
  • Courtney begins her rein of terror
  • Lindsay is eliminated