Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Teal
Episode Eliminated Not Quite Famous
Relationship none
Friends Cody, Noah
Fear Clowns
Talent Mechanics, inventing from scratch, chess
Marcus, labeled The Inventor, is one of the six additional campers introduced in the show. He is placed in the Screaming Gophers team.


Ever since he was born, he has had an unnatural ability to create and invent new inventions such as go-karts, fax machines, heck he even created a soda machine from scratch! These things, however, have led him to being picked on at school by many of the students at Harvard where he has been for almost three years. He is a somewhat nervous and klutzy boy who is nervous around other mean looking teenagers and is basically an average nerd.


  • Once built a fusion generator for his school project, which took out an entire gymnasium.
  • Tried to combine a PS3 and an XBox360 to make the ultimate video game console, but it was too much for the TV to handle.



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