Gender male
Hair Color black
Eye Color blue
Episode Eliminated Who Can You Trust? (1st time), The Boney Island Race (2nd time)
Relationship none (though hinting to be Dena)
Family Father and Olivia (older sister)
Friends Andrew, Sara, Geoff, Cody, Lindsay, Eva, Owen, Izzy, Bridgette
Enemies Courtney
Fear sharks
Talent playing pranks, making bombs, skateboarding
Nicknames Lil' Dude, Lil' Cutie, Twerp, Bomber

Jake, labeled The Childish Prankster, is one of the six new campers introduced to the show and is placed on the Killer Bass team.


After his mother died from childbirth when he was born, his 24 year old sister has been the closest thing to a mother he has and with her being a prankster in her childhood, she has past on her talents to him. he has a knack for building prank bombs and wishes to go into construction and demolition when he grows up. His family (his father, who is a lawyer, sister Olivia and himself, live in an average sized house in a small town about an hour from Montreal. He is probably one of the friendliest people you can ever meet and although a prankster, he has his limits on who to prank and knows if he goes to far. He also took a liking to a wolf cub he found in the forest, adopting it and naming it Wolfo.


  • Is a fan of The Dark Knight
  • Bombs he's made include oil, paint, and smoke
  • Can somehow build bombs out of anything he can get his hands on



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