I Triple Dog Dare You
Season 1, Episode 33
Challenge(s) Performing a series of dares until one drops out
Reward(s) None
Winner(s) Harold, Laura
Eliminated Ezekiel
Episode Guide
"Camp Castaways"
"Total Alternate FINALE"
Harold, Laura, and Ezekiel are now the Final Three contestants. The latest challege may be the toughest yet, as Chris collects some rather questionable dares from the eliminated campers for the Final Three to do until one of them fails or drops out.



  • The dares:

Sara - eat tree bark

Gwen - spraypaint your entire face in a mixture of colors

Izzy - give a purple nurple to a sleeping bear

Leshawna - swim a lap in the shark-infested lake

Duncan - lick Chef's armpit

Andrew - do twenty push-ups while carrying a 30-pound bag of sand on your back

Heather - kick Chris HARD in his crotch

Cody - eat a can of dog food

Owen - eat a whole carton of ice cream in sixty seconds

Tyler - eat three live worms

Jake - disarm one of his specially made paint bombs

Katie - slap yourself three times as hard as you can

Cody (2) - dump a tray of ice cubes down your pants and let them melt naturally

Noah - punch an alligator in the face

Geoff - drink powdered fruit punch from the communal toilet

Justin - kiss Chris on the cheek

Jessie - have an energectic squirrel go around through your top for thirty seconds

Sadie - taking a bite of a rotten dead fish

Courtney - hold your breath until you pass out

Eva - have a host punch you in the stomach

Marcus - reassemble a bike in five minutes

Lindsay - shave Chris bald

  • Ezekiel is eliminated