Hook, Line, and Screamer
Season 1, Episode 28
Challenge(s) Survival in horror movie scenario
Reward(s) none
Winner(s) Bridgette, Leshawna
Eliminated Heather
Episode Guide
"That's Off the Chain"
"Wawanakwa Gone Wild"

Chris, Chef, and the Interns trick the campers into thinking that an escaped psycho killer is loose on the island and that they are abandoned there with him. One by one, the campers are "killed" and brought to the main tent to wait out the rest of the challenge. Unfortunately, a REAL serial killer had made his way onto the island...



  • The Interns and remaining campers watch the remake of Friday the 13th
  • The Interns were involved in the challenge to add beliveability.
  • The killer they were posing as, Gregory Fowling, appears in the end, only to be knocked out by Bridgette
  • Heather and Andrew officially hook up
  • Heather and Laura make up
  • Heather is eliminated

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