Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Sibling to Duncan
Friends Michael, Paula, Mara
Enemies Chris, Courtney
Nicknames Killjoy
Graydon, labelled The Officer, is one of the four interns hired by Chris to help set up challenges and is the elder brother of Duncan.


Growing up in a police officer family, Graydon has been raised to respect authority figures and is somewhat of a hard-nosed joy killer, at least, according to his brother. With Duncan pretty much being the "black sheep" of the family, he thought it was fair to join the show so Duncan would not do anything foolish and stupid. Although civil with each other majority of the time, they have been known to butt heads, especially when Graydon tries to boss Duncan around.


  • Despite being an officer, Graydon has lousy aim and is a bit of a klutz.
  • He, along with Paula, Michael, and Mara, will be hosting the Aftermath shows in TAAT.


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