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Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Episode Eliminated Not So Happy Campers (1st time), Hide and Be Sneaky (2nd time)
Relationship None
Family Father (Carter)
Friends Herself
Fear Green gelatin
Talent Violin, Singing, Playing The Guitar, Ballet, Reading Brochure Maps, Whining, Manipulation, Blackmail, Making Enemies
Nicknames Chicken-in-Training, Daddy's Girl, Bitch, Darling, Princess, Court; Bossy McSmartypants
Courtney, labeled The Type A, is a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Killer Bass and the main antagonist for most of the story.



courtney suffers from npd (narcissist personality disorder) due to her father's wealth and power and her type-a sterotype

the way she was brought back was a reference to how she was brought back in total drama action (if her father had anything to do with it or not is unknown) her alliance in taat is a reference from tda as well (chef aiding dj in several challenges)

it is considered ironic that she threatened the show with the legal system and lawyers but was eliminated due to said system being told by a lawyer



Killer Bass
Bridgette Geoff DJ Harold Duncan Tyler Ezekiel Eva Katie Sadie Courtney Andrew Jessie Jake

Spruce-Hawk RoomEdit

Black Room
Courtney Kelsey Jessie DJ

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