Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Episode Eliminated N/A
Place N/A
Relationship N/A
Talent Photography, investigative reporting

Clark, labeled The Nosy Reporter, is one of the twelve new additional tourists introduced in TAAT.


Clark has always been one to race for the truth, no matter how difficult it may be. He also is one of the few people at his school to develop a record. OK, so maybe he didbreak into his principal's house, but ONLY to find out if he was withholding money from the school department. And Yes, he did break into the football team's locker, but to find if any of them were taking drugs, which one of them was by the way. He has been taught to never stop looking for the truth. Always with a clever joke if he's caught in trouble and NEVER without his camera, his playful attitude is offset by his intrusiveness and lack of respect for personal space, giving him a reputation as a trouble maker. But this undeserving reputation is due to Clark's firmness in getting info on any one with interest. Also a bit of a pervert, has also been caught several times trying to get pictures of the cheerleading squad in their locker room Wanting to meet the cast and find out about them personally, Clark has signed up hoping that one of them can have a story that can be known through the world and hopes the money can FINALLY allow the school to have a proper newspaper.



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