Feels as desolate as Boney Island...
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Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Episode Eliminated Wawanakwa Gone Wild
Relationship Geoff
Family Mother
Friends Ezekiel, Andrew, Trent, Gwen, Jessie, Harold, Jake, Laura, Sara, DJ, Leshawna
Enemies Chris, Courtney
Fear Being alone in the woods
Talent Standing on hands for twenty minutes, Whistling Yankee Doodle through nostrils, Surfing, Swimming and Other Sports
Nicknames Bridge; Babe, Schmoopy-Schmoo, Bridgey Bear, Honey-Boo, Granola Goddess; Surfer Girl/Surfer Chick, Ms. Nice Girl; Honey, Juliet; Betty; Bridgey; Malibu
Bridgette, labeled The Surfer Girl, is a camper on Total Drama Island and was a member of the Killer Bass.


Love InterestsEdit


  • Earned the nickname "budgue whisperer" due to her affinity to animals
  • Is a strict vegetarian
  • Once spent a summer making rugs in a Nepal monastery
  • Hates horror films due to blondes never surviving in them



Killer Bass
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Spruce-Hawk RoomEdit

Blue Room
Gwen Leshawna Bridgette Dena