Are We There Yeti?
Season 1, Episode 21
Challenge(s) Hike back to camp
Reward(s) none
Winner(s) Laura, Izzy, Jake, Harold, Heather, Andrew, Leshawna, Sara, Bridgette, Ezekiel
Eliminated Duncan
Episode Guide
"Don't Look Down"
The remaining campers are stranded at different points of the island by Chef and the Interns and are split into three teams to get back to camp with invincibility at stake. To add to the difficulty, Sasquatchinakwa is lurking about...

Gwen finally tells Trent the story behind her brother Michael's imprisonment, and Heather gets bad premonitions about the siblings she left back home.



  • Chris is absent for the challenge
  • Harold and Heather are granted a compass and GPS for their advantage due to being MVPs of the previous challenge
  • Michael's past is finally revealed
  • Duncan is eliminated due to planning to get kicked off in order to report Courtney's corruption on the show

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