Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue
Episode Eliminated Haute Camp-ture
Relationship Heather
Family Father, Mother
Friends Bridgette, Harold, Ezekiel, Sara, Laura, Duncan, Geoff
Enemies Chris, Courtney, Leshawna
Fear Swords
Talent Unarmed combat, meditation
Nicknames Shaved-headed Punk, Bruce Lee
Andrew, labeled The Martial Artist, is one of the six additional campers introduced to the show. He is placed in the Killer Bass team.


He had been training and learning many styles of combat since he was six, and his trainer is the only sensei he knows: his father. This firm training has given him experience and shown him to respect others, even when he has lost. Andrew is known as a cool and level headed teen who seems to be incapable of being scared of anything except swords, which when he was eight accidentally cut himself while practicing. He believes in fighting fairly and has joined the show to be challenged and IF eliminated for fair reasons, he'll leave with his head held high. However, Andrew take things too seriously sometimes.

Love InterestsEdit


  • Was able to kill a shark with his bare hands.
  • Had been subjected to insane training exercises by his dad when he was young.
  • Is a huge fan of Star Wars and The Matrix.
  • Actually went toe-to-toe with Chef.
  • Him and Heather once double dated with Sara and Laura during the year break between seasons.
  • Is crushed on by Sadie, but he doesn't even notice her.



Killer Bass
Bridgette Geoff DJ Harold Duncan Tyler Ezekiel Eva Katie Sadie Courtney Andrew Jessie Jake

Spruce-Hawk RoomEdit

Red Room
Raphael Katie Lindsay Andrew

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